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Outrigger Canoe in San Diego

Paddling: A Sport Like No Other

"In Summer 2015 I had “Mission Bay Canoe Meetup” circled on my calendar. At the time I knew nothing about Ikuna Koa, outrigger canoeing, or the way the sport and club would go on to elevate my life. IK has been the perfect home for me and offers just the right balance of Hawaiian cultural enrichment, a sense of community (‘Ohana) and enjoyable exercise. What a great way to enjoy San Diego citizenship!  Chee-Hoo IK!"

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Paddle alongside dolphins and turtles. Compete as a team against hundreds of athletes. Explore coastlines. Reinvent your fitness. And find the family you never knew you had. Outrigger Canoeing will change your life...for the best!

~Ikuna Koa~