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There's a place for you in Ikuna Koa!
Experience welcomed... No experience required!

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Whether you're looking for competitive water-sport opportunities, a new fitness routine, more play time on our ocean, new friends and acquaintances, or to feel closer to Hawai'i nei - join us at Ikuna Koa to learn more about the rich traditions of outrigger canoe paddling!

  • Experience welcomed - We have competitive teams in each of our Paddling Programs. Come join us!
  • No Experience Required - We offer step-by-step training and coaching so that you're having fun on the water immediately.
  • Excellent endurance and strength building - Paddling will help you get out of a rut or help you cross-train for other sports.
  • Weekly Practices - We offer practices three to four days a week (depending on the Season) with active Ikuna Koa paddlers.
  • Saturday Races & Fun In The Sun - Race season begins in May and involves nearly 1,000 paddlers along the Southern California coast.
  • Social Activities - Ikuna Koa has regular Club Get-Togethers and social activities throughout the year. (Our Lu'aus are awesome!)
  • Hawaii Trip - Optional travel to the Queen Lili'uokalani Long Distance Canoe Race, the world's largest outrigger canoe race, held every September in Kona, Hawaii.

We are active members in good standing in SCORA (Southern California Outrigger Racing Association), the local governing organization for Outrigger Canoe racing. Our race season begins in May and extends through September. We participate in SCORA sanctioned races from San Diego to Santa Barbara and will also take several teams to Kona, Hawaii for the Queen Lili'uokalani race event - the largest outrigger race in the world.



Outrigger paddling demands laulima (cooperation) and both physical and mental commitment from each participant. Very much a team sport, no one person is capable of carrying the entire team ... and lokahi (unity) is essential to the success of each crew.

Ikuna Koa offers comprehensive programs for competitive outrigger canoe paddling for Ironman, Regatta and Long Distance races. 

In California, the Outrigger Canoe Racing Season is divided into three segments: Ironman, Regatta, and 9-Man Races.

  • Ironman races vary in length from 6 to 15 miles (no breaks, no reliefs).
  • Regattas / "Sprints" vary in length from .5 to 2 miles.
  • 9-Man Races / "Long Distance" can be up to 30+ miles. Paddlers are supported by escort boats and conduct water changes (jump in / jump out of moving boat) during the race to relieve other paddlers on the team.

Clubs from all over Southern California and Arizona participate and compete in this exhilarating, extreme water sport. Join us at a Race event to see for yourself why Outrigger canoeing is one of the world's fastest growing competitive water sports! We'll see you there!


Paddling Season runs from February to October.
Other Na 'Opio events and activities occur year-round.


Na 'Opio 'o Ikuna Koa (the youth of Ikuna Koa) participate in both water and land training to prepare them to paddle competitively in local Outrigger Canoe regattas. They learn paddling techniques, water safety, the importance of teamwork, and to embrace the aloha spirit that surrounds the sport of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling and Racing. ... And, they have fun while doing it.


In addition to an Outrigger Canoe Paddling athletic program, Na 'Opio 'o Ikuna Koa is a youth Hawaiian cultural development and immersion program.  Our goal is to help children understand that cultural practices and values remain relevant in today's modern world, to help them develop a sense of personal pride and belonging, and to help each child understand basic Hawaiian values, with an emphasis on:

  • Aloha – Love, Compassion
  • 'Ohana – Family
  • Malama – Care for one another
  • Laulima – Cooperativeness
  • Lokahi – Unity, Balance
  • Kuleana - Responsibility
  • Koa – Courage
  • Ho'omau – Continue, Perpetuate, Preserve
  • Kupono – Honesty, Fairness, Righteousness
  • Ola kino maika'i – Healthy living
  • Aloha 'aina – Love for the land
  • Aloha ke kai – Love for the sea


In addition to their cohesive teamwork on the water, Na 'Opio activities include camping, going on "field trips," and participating in community events. It is a joy to see our Na 'Opio develop a sense of 'ohana with their teammates and sincerely enjoy the company of one another.